Recreation of the body
Education of the mind
Dedication to our community

Let's Make A Difference...Let's Make It Happen!



Make It Happen AK is simply outreach made easy. 

We  believe that employee morale and customer satisfaction are both priceless commodities, and the time available to build on these two commodities is limited due to busy business.

This is where we come in !

It is our goal to connect Alaskan businesses with their clients and nurture these relationships within our community. 

I won't spoil it all because there's much to see here. So, take your time, look around, and learn all there is to know about us. 

We hope you enjoy our site and take a moment to drop us a line.

What We Do



Luncheons - Meetings - Special Ceremonies - Career/Job Fairs - Company Morale Boosters - Networking Mixers - Keynote Speaking - Event and Party Planning

Training & Development


Microsoft Office Suite - Employee Development - Employment Coaching - Leadership Training - Social Media - Technology



Spelling Bees - Book Fairs - Poetry - Tutoring - Resume Writing - Interviewing - Mentoring



Competitive/Non Competitive Sports Competitions - Sports Camps - Outdoor/Indoor Activities - 

Obstacle Courses - Races



Giving back is the best way to let our community know we care. Make It Happen loves our role in volunteering and has fun doing it!

Our R.E.D. Philosophy

Recreation of the body


Our bodies are temples!

We promote and encourage active and healthy lifestyles. From our youth to our mature days, a level of care for our bodies is key to our success and longevity.

Education of the mind


The mind is a terrible thing to waste...

The body may carry us but the mind controls the body. Keeping a sharp mind and constantly challenging ourselves through higher learning as well as common sense will have lasting effects for a lifetime. 

Dedication to our community


The heart of the matter!

All communities depend on the people that live in it. They are the heart. Positive impacts start as just a ripple in a small community that will travel through an entire state. Time to move beyond the living room.

How You Can Help!


Volunteer with Make It Happen

 We have many opportunities year round and would love to have volunteers. Get involved with mentoring,  guest speaking, set up, work  a booth, concessions, coach a team,  as well as many other opportunities! 


Let Make It Happen Volunteer for You


Make It Happen has a goal to volunteer with 2-3 non-profit organizations per year on several different platforms along with any other opportunities that will promote the growth of...We believe in supporting the communities that support us.


Partner Up

Make It Happen has Opportunity for event partnership and sponsorship. 

Take advantage on one of our Upcoming Events or we can help you help you plan yours!

Contact Us

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Make It Happen

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